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I work on constant pressure systems or VFD's (Variable Frequency Drive) systems. The systems are quite expensive as they convert a single phase current and then transform the current into a 3-phase current via the black, yellow, red, wires to the pump. If you have a well system with this type of control box (3-phase pump) and your well system malfunctions, you may be talked into replacing the pump and control box, which is expensive. If you had a simple well pump system with a regular control box you could possibly replace both the pump & control box for the cost of the VFD control box alone. We do not endorse the use of a VFD system unless you have a particular reason. The VFD system is complicated and they are not field serviceable due to the complex computerized solid state boards inside the box. The water well technician will most likely have to replace both the VFD's Control Box and the Pump in the well at the same time. If your well pump is set below 500' in a well there is some savings on wire size as you can use a smaller wire size with 3-phase current. Initially, this may have caused your well installer to have had a reasonable reason (among others) to install this type of pump and control box in your well.The VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) system is very sensitive to being grounded  for the proprietary grounding rod has to be at the box. Also, This portion of the VFD system cannot be in full sunlight as the box contains a computer circuit board.

 If your well is flowing with an open discharge into a large storage tank, there is no reason to install a VFD system at all.

Remember, these Single Phase (3-Phase in VFD) Pump Systems use 240 Volts of electricity. The best idea is to call a Licensed Pump Installer to diagnose your pump and well problem. If the wires of your control box have somehow split open or the wires were cut on your control box's nipple this may be the cause of your malfunctioning system. Sometimes, the wires coming out of the well seal might have shorted but the breaker has not been tripped. You must be careful of this, as the wires may still be live. Another time, one-leg of the 240 volt wire going to the ground as a 120 volt wire may have been compromised and the current may be flowing to the ground without you knowing the danger. Be careful when trying to service, diagnose, or even touch these electrical systems yourself. Electricity and water are very dangerous, so call a Licensed Pump Installer. If you are dealing with a 3-phase 480 Volt Large Pump System, do not even try anything yourself. Call a Licensed Pump Installer or an Electrical Engineer for help.

I offer Booster Pump repair and installation. This service is for storage and to boost pressure into your farm or ranch home. Please review all options in regards to a booster pump system. Please learn the benefits of a multi-stage booster pump for your home before you install just an inferior pump system and expect such a system to work to your satisfaction. A booster pump from a farm supply store will not operate as well as a USA made Multi-Stage Brass Booster Pump. Farm supply stores sell pumps that are not assembled in the USA.  The pumps we carry are made and assembled in the United States of America  We carry the Flint & Walling, A.Y. McDonald, Goulds, & Myers brands as we know these are some of best and most reliable pump systems made.

"The Bitter Disappointment of Poor Quality outlives the Temporary Joy of a Cheap Price" 

-Phillip Forney

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