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Midland brass cylinder
Rhombus  (2)
Casing parted
Minor formation map
Jetting tool
Jetting tool @ 50 psi
capacitor fail
pressure relief
Del Rio clay on intake
fish spear with video cable
hand dug well inspect
drilling in Cotulla
windmill services
Lakos Sand trap
Burns Family Ranch
re-entry deepening & cleaning
Formation evaluation
solar systems
casing grade 17
Leona gravel water La Coste
OKC Screen
Claw 7-7/8"
PDC in 8-1/2"
Rig 2a
pump pull by Medical center
China Grove 2
Solar well cleaning
Medina well post treatment
Halliburton Quik-Trol Gold LV
Grind Daily- Copy.jpg
Windmill Inspection.jpg

"Great job guys, thanks for fixing our well"  

Life Church in Leander, TX

"Thanks to everyone involved and keep up the great work guys!"  The Carrizo is at 600' here so had to settle for minor aquifer completion based on budget of job. Drilled well to 300' and ran casing.

Jesus   Big Wells, TX

"Quick and reliable service" (windmill conversion to submersible pump)  

Mr. Zamora    Woodward, TX.

"Came out during Labor Day 2016 to my historic pine log cabin on Medina River in Bandera, TX to quickly diagnose and fix a faulty pressure switch. - life savers!"  

Hans from Austin, TX

Had to break gauge off to back out switch on old galvanized nipple holding switch and then replace same with a new 1/4" x 4" brass nipple plus new gauge. About 6 months before we had installed a 75 psi press relief valve into this system. If we had not installed the pressure relief valve in the system the very old galvanized pressure tank might of busted at the seams or worse old pipes in cabin could have flooded the historic pine log cabin.  Big Hans Austin, TX

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