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Equipment Specifications

Drilling Rig

Model: Failing CF-15

Truck: Int'l Paystar 5000 with Cummins Big cam 400 drill rig PTO power

Manufacturer: George E. Failing Co. Enid, Oklahoma

Derrick rated to 20 tons (40,000 lbs.)

Air clutches on double drum draw-works

Sand bailer option cable drum on chain drive from draw works shaft. (air clutch operated)

Rated to 1500' with 3-1/2"

Hydraulic pull-down system with low /high gears

Drill pipe is 3-1/2" I.F. flush joint with flats 

Mud Pump: 5.25 x 6 Failing PTO Twin Disc clutch with v-belts on shaft running chain drive pump.

Dresser LeRoi 256-S2 air compressor on deck (air clutch engagement system)

Bean FMC pump for foam, oil, and surfactant injection

DSM Mayhew hydraulic retractable 8" rotary table

Bladed stabilizers & bit subs

Solids control equipment:

(Available for Rental to any local water well drillers) This system save you time and saves your pumps expendables.

1000 gallon main clean tank

750 gallon under double screen shale shaker system

Perkins diesel power plant running three inline hydraulic pumps.

Tibban Mud Puppy 3" x 2" centrifugal pump for tank transfer via de-sanding cones.

Pump Hoisting Truck

2014 Dodge 5500  4 x 4

SEMCO 4000 with triple line derrick.

8000 lb. capacity

4000 lb. single line capacity

120 feet per minute dual speed drums

900 feet of sand line for bailer & brushes on sinker bars.

Taper tap for retrieving pump or other fish.

Chlorination equipment.

2 Auxiliary hydraulic connections for break out wrench etc.

Lincoln welding machine and torch on truck.

Video Camera

Downhole video camera to see what has fallen into the well.

Real Estate Loan Inspection for VA-FHA or conventional loan approval

Condition of slots or perforations.

Capable of recording up to 1 hour per trip.

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