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Service truck is in San Antonio, Natalia, Pearsall, & Cotulla area for the months of June and July as of this update.

We are installing a windmill and casing an old well with no cement slab or casing above ground.

Most windmill owners know very little about the upkeep and maintenance of the windmill bearing and gear assemblies not to mention the sucker rods and pump plunger condition and inspection. We are here to keep your windmill working in top notch shape. If you have a Dempster we can change the stub tower with a new Aermotor stub tower and mill etc.We advise not to rebuild a Dempster and to change to Aermotor 701 or 702 models. If you have a 600 series Aermotor change to the 700 series if you can or if you need to.

The bearing assemblies in the Aermotor are based on the use of Babbitt bearings. Babbitt bearings are essentially a bearing poured in place using Babbitt material instead of a ball bearing or needle bearing to reduce friction. Babbitt material is by it's very nature a hazardous material. Once heated to it's working state of 500 degrees plus, becomes much more of a hazard. Not only by the fumes it produces, but in it's molten state can splatter, or even explode, causing severe injuries to a person. Babbitt alloys are a guarded secret depending on application but are basically made up of tin, antimony, and copper in various percentages. Normal melting point of steel is 2500 degrees F and Babbitt melts around 500 degrees F and Brass melts around 1700 degrees F depending on composition(s).

 My advice to you..... Don't try this at home! Contact a professional to pour your Babbitt for you if you are interested in rebuilding your existing bearings in lieu of buying a new assembly. Do your own research and let's us know if we can help.

Call for a free estimate.

Solar systems are somewhat expensive but are a great alternative to a wind powered lift pump.

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