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(VFD is a 240 volt system that coverts single phase to a 3-phase power pump system) 


      As the Well Control VFD Box goes out you are forced to purchase the same equivalent box and the Parts House will only warranty the VFD box if you pair with a New Pump they recommend you buy. These systems are complicated and we cannot list all of the reasons that this system may not be for you. 

     if you can afford to replace both the pump and the computer control at the same time and you know that you want an expensive VFD system then that is fine to do. This computer box has to be in a well house or shaded all of the time to lengthen its usable life as it is basically a large computer circuit board. These systems have really raised the price to fix a system to a new level of expense for the owner. We do service VFD systems and pumps if you have this type of well system supplying your water. 

Click here to learn more on VFD drives.

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